Saturday, 5 September 2009

Cartoon City.

Cartoon City is a lie because it denies the intrinsic tragedy of the world. Cartoon city ignores the fact that life is brutally unfair for the sake of displaced fiction. Everything returns to cartoon and farce, even death.

The people of cartoon city have chosen illusion over reality. Everything from relationships to the environments built for them, the citizens of Cartoon City deal with substitutes. Though watching a film or soap opera about relationships could never come close to what it feels like to forge real meaningful relationships with people, just as watching the sunset on a television cannot compare to the sensation of watching a real sunset.

Cartoon City presents a spectacle for a population rife with suffering, hardship, loneliness and isolation, and at the same time, reinforces these things. The overwhelming scale of Cartoon City, with its mammoth building projects, huge facades, and the vast distances in-between things, had crushed the human spirit, and denies its citizens the power to act alone or act together.

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